DDoS Mitigation

At BasedFlare, your peace of mind is our top priority. Our comprehensive DDoS mitigation strategies ensure your online presence remains uninterrupted. Experience the innovation with our Layer 7 DDoS mitigation that effectively blocks harmful floods, bots, and crawlers. Choose between a seamless low-friction proof-of-work mode for user validation without any interaction, or opt for Captcha mode to combat more sophisticated threats. Security is silent but mighty with BasedFlare.

ddos mitigation

attack reports
Attack Reports

Attack Reports deliver concise, real-time insights into cyber threats, providing a detailed breakdown of attempted attacks with live and historical data. This feature offers pinpointed analysis of attack vectors, geographic origins, and traffic types, differentiating between malicious and legitimate requests.

Advanced Built-in DNS

Speed is the new currency in the digital realm. BasedFlare’s DNS nameservers are designed for instantaneous global propagation, ensuring your updates take less than a second to go live. Choose between GeoDNS or round-robin modes, utilize health checking, and customize fallback records. Our DNS infrastructure is the backbone of a fast, flexible, and resilient online presence.

attack reports

Geo Firewall (GF)

Control your traffic like never before. Our Geo Firewall allows you to block access to your content based on geographic location. Whether it’s an entire country or a specific continent, tailor your content’s reach with precision. And remember, “No gf? Now you have BasedFlare Geo Firewall.”.

ddos mitigation

attack reports
Network ACLs

Your site, your rules. With BasedFlare, you have the authority to whitelist or blacklist specific IPs, IP ranges, or entire Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) to control who can access your site. Plus, you have the option to allow or deny traffic from VPNs or Tor exits. Your network, under your control, secured by BasedFlare.

Load Balancing

Optimize your resources with BasedFlare’s intelligent load balancing. Our system seamlessly distributes traffic across multiple backend servers, ensuring efficiency and stability. Keep your online services evenly loaded and always ready for traffic spikes.

ddos mitigation


Speed matters. With BasedFlare’s caching capabilities, your cacheable assets are stored and served from our global edge locations, reducing page load times significantly. A millisecond’s delay could lead to higher bounce rates; we ensure your content is swift to load and captivating enough to keep your visitors engaged longer.

HTTPS Security

Security and convenience are a match made in heaven with BasedFlare. Our platform provides HTTPS certificates at no extra cost, courtesy of Let’s Encrypt. What’s better? They are automatically renewed, ensuring your site remains secure and trustworthy without you having to lift a finger.

ddos mitigation

Multi-Language Support

Embrace the global audience with BasedFlare’s multi-language support. Our platform ensures that all error messages and interstitial pages are not just informative but also localized, served in the user’s preferred browser language. This feature breaks down language barriers, allowing you to communicate effectively with your international audience. With BasedFlare, your user’s local language is the language of your website’s most critical communication.

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